who, me?

A nocturnal being who writes mainly for a living. An aspiring photographer too lazy to read manuals or fumble with knobs and switches. She started her affair with photography when she pulled out a whole roll of film from her Mom’s camera back in 3rd grade to have a quick peek at how she looks before the film is developed.

Does not have the word “breakfast” in her vocabulary, believes that nothing makes sense before noon and that coffee makes the world go round. Crazy most of the times. Crazier on those times when she’s not just crazy.

Fly now ask later attitude, follows roads without asking where it leads. A wanderlust born with an incurable pair of itchy feet and with enough patience to prowl and stalk subjects to capture on the lens. For more samples of her work check out:




One comment on “who, me?

  1. Did a Google search on Surfing Saipan and ended here. Great photos and thanks for your efforts.
    Currently rebuilding an old redwood farmhouse in N. Cal. Upon completion, tropical beaches and good waves.
    Any insights on the wave potential? The photos I found do not look promising. Are there restrictions on Americans living there indefinitely? I just entered my 70th decade and would like to find my final destination.

    kind regards,
    Nick Carter @ Letahaven.com

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